HDL-01---LED Working Light


HDL-01-SS-LED Working Light


HDL-01-SS-LED Working Light


HDL-01-SS-LED Working Light




HDL-01-SS-LED Working Light




Chi Ming Electronics 2016 AMPA April 6-9 display HDL-01 LED work lamp specially designed heat pipe cooling technology and nano-graphite thermal technology.




  1) Aluminum LED work light HDL-01, heat pipe technology, nano graphene thermal technology.

  2) The optical design has no yellow iris, Cree Xhp50 LED, life of 25,000 hours.

  3) Color temperature 2700K warm color) -6000K cool white) to choose from.

  4). Luminous flux 1500LM ~ 1800LM.

  5). Voltage 10V ~ 50V wide voltage, switch-mode PWM constant current source-driven.

  6) Car power supply 12V, truck power 24V, can be used, power is 16W.

  7) can be fixed with a bracket 49mm, 66mm, 76mm and other sizes.

  8) HDL-01 LED Working Light Small size 58mm * 120mm. Weight 500 grams.

  7). Dustproof, waterproof -IP68



 智明電子2016 AMPA April 6-9展出HDL-01 LED工作燈特別設計熱導管散熱技術及奈米石墨散熱技術.





 2).光學設計沒有黃光圈,Cree Xhp50 LED,壽命25000小時.






 8).HDL-01 LED工作燈,體積小58mm*120mm.重量500克.