Trucking LED

Chi Ming Electronics have now developed a variety Trucking LED lamps use, quality certification deep eligible customers we are very grateful customer support over the years certainly. - Chi Ming Electronics will be more active in developing the new card Trucking LED



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No. Subject Date
16. T20 WEDGE-XPE CREE 5LED 2019-10-31 09:37:47
17. Automotive LED G18 bulbs -67 LED-5UHP(Cree LED) 2019-10-31 09:37:47
18. Xlamp Cree LED-Automotive bullbs LED 2019-10-31 09:37:47
19. 3157 bulbs S25 WEDGE-XPE CREE LED 2019-10-31 09:37:47
20. XPE LAMPS-BA15S BASE-G18 2019-10-31 09:37:47
21. XPE LAMPS-T10 WEDGE -W 2019-10-31 09:37:47